Blocked Drains Perth

Do you have  blocked drains in Perth you just cannot fix?

Blocked drains and sewage pipes can cause a lot of damage to your property and can easily result in flooding. Most homeowners and property managers try DIY solutions for blocked drain repair and end up causing more damage to the drainage system. Our emergency plumbing services in Perth are the most cost effective and easiest solution for a blocked drain.

Important features of our drain cleaning services include:

  • If needed, we can clear the kitchen drain without using any chemicals or lifting pavers
  • We perform camera inspections of drains if the blockage is tricky and cannot be detected easily
  • We remove concrete, rust, cement and other physical objects from drains and pipes

Our Service

We cater to drains connected to the basin, bath, kitchen sink, laundry, shower, and toilet. We clean and repair the main drain, the outside drain, and the rainwater drain for our customers in Perth.

How It Works

Our plumbers also inspect the state of your drainage system and pipes, and make sure the pipes are fixed, clean, and unclogged.

Why Mcfarland Plumbing?

Our plumbers are qualified, experienced, equipped with the latest technology, arrive on time, and clear your blocked drains immediately and effectively.
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Have a blocked drain or pipe you need fixed?

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Drain and Pipes Inspection

Besides blocked drains repair and cleaning, we also offer drain and pipes inspection services in Perth. Whether you just want a regular inspection for your outside drain to make sure it is functional or you suspect that the pipes may need to be replaced, we can inspect it and give you professional advice about the state of your drainage system. Timely advice by our plumbers can save you hundreds of dollars in repair later on.